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Счетчик/таймер H8GN-AD_**

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H8GN-AD Счетчик/таймер с предустановкой серии H8GN, напряжение питания 24 V DC

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Параметр Значение Параметр Значение
EC_Group EC002300 Модульное исполнение Нет
Механизм измерения Цифровой (-ая) Высота 24
Модель/исполнение DIN-рейка Частота напряжения на входе 30
Тип напряжения Постоянный (DC) Ширина 48
Класс точности 99999999 Первичное напряжение 24
Количество разрядов 8 С функцией сброса Да


Rated supply voltage

24 VDC

Operating voltage range

85 to 110% of rated supply voltage

Power consumption

1.5 W max. (for max. DC load) (inrush current: 15 A max.)

Mounting method


External connections

Screw terminals (M3 screws)

Terminal screw tightening torque

0.5 Nm max.


Waterproof packing, flush-mounting bracket


7-segment, negative transmissive LCD; time display (h, min, s); CMW, OUT, RST, TOTAL
Present value (red, 7 mm high characters); set value (green, 3.4 mm high characters)


PV: 4 digits, SV: 4 digits, when total count value is displayed: 8 digits (zeros suppressed)

Memory backup

EEPROM (non-volatile memory) (number of writes: 100,000 times)


Maximum counting speed

30 Hz or 5 kHz

Counting range

-999 to 9,999

Input modes

Increment, decrement, individual, quadrature inputs


Timer modes

Elapsed time (up), remaining time (down)


Input signals

For counter: CP1, CP2, and reset
For timer: Start, gate, and reset

Input method

No-voltage input (contact short-circuit and open input)
Short-circuit (ON) impedance: 1 kΩ max. (approx. 2 mA runoff current at 0 Ω) 
Short-circuit (ON) residual voltage: 2 VDC max. 
Open (OFF) impedance: 100 kΩ min.
Applied voltage: 30 VDC max.

Start, reset, gate

Minimum input signal width: 1 or 20 ms (selectable)

Power reset

Minimum power-opening time: 0.5 s

Control output

SPDT contact output: 3 A at 250 VAC/30 VDC, resistive load (cosφ = 1)

Minimum applied load

10 mA at 5 VDC (failure level: P, reference value)

Reset system

External, manual, and power supply resets (for timer in A, B, D, E, or Z modes)

Sensor waiting time

260 ms max. 
(inputs cannot be received during sensor wait time if control outputs are turned OFF)

Timer function

Accuracy of operating time and setting error 
(including temperature and voltage effects)

Signal start: ±0.03% ±30 ms max. 
Power-ON start: ±0.03% ±50 ms max.


Operating storage

-10 to 55°C (with no icing or condensation)

-25 to 65°C (with no icing or condensation)

Case color

Rear section: Grey smoke; front section: N1.5 (black)

Degree of protection

Panel surface: IP66 and NEMA Type 4X (indoors); rear case: IP20, terminal block: IP20

Size in mm (H×W×D)


Информация для заказа


Supply voltage


Order code




No communications


Counter: Up/down/reversible, 
4 digits, N, F, C or K output modes
Total counter: 8 digits

A: ON-delay 
B: Flicker
D: Signal OFF-delay 
E: Interval
F: Accumulative
Z: ON/OFF-duty adjustable flicker

24 VDC

Contact output (SPDT)